Richmond Skeleton Network

Network description

The Richmond skeleton network is a reduced network of the Richmond network used in a wide range of papers. The network is equipped with seven fixed speed pumps and six storage tanks. The network has no loops that allow bidirectional flow, but five loops with pumps or control valves. There are eight control valves. The netwrok is available here: Exeter uni .inp file


Publication details
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Results summary
Approximation of System Components for Pump Scheduling Optimisation Menke et al. Procedia Engineering Timelinit of 600s on a Intel Xenon (2013), ~5% error in state estimates, non-linear method did not succeed. Piecewise linear branch and bound method. Implimented in MATLAB, solved using CPLEX or Gurobi or SCIP. further details on the method published in: Water resource management. The MATLAB code is published here.
A Lagrangian decomposition approach for the pump scheduling problem in water networks Ghaddar et al. European Journal of Operational Research MINLP failed to converge, Lagrangian decomposition solutions in 5000s Solved a modified version of the Richmond network dubed Poormond.
Operational optimization of water distribution systems using a hybrid genetic algorithm Van Zyl et al. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management Hybrid GA outperforms GA Analysis of two optimisation methods. Van Zyl network also published in this paper.