Benchmarking of water distribution systems

Water distribution systems play a very important role in modern lives. However, the supply of fresh water is also a very energy intensive activity. Estimates show that between 3 to 5% of a city's electricity consumption is used to power the water distribution system. clearly reducing this energy consumption or at least shifting it to times when electricity is cheap, makes intuitive sense. Unfortunatly, the water systems are complex and while reducing cost is great, nobody wants to be left without water. So the optimisation of the operation of water distribution systems is computationally difficult problem.

Compare your optimisation methods to those already published!

This site aims to provide a wide range of networks allowing all sorts of comparisons of water distribution optimisation methods. Download common benchmark networks and their simplified versions, upload your own networks or simplifications. Share the schedule you found as well as an indication of the computational effort involved.

A simple example network

Simple network map not loading

Suitable for use in lectures and simply testing methods Comparission of published methods for the simple example network

Van Zyl network

Van zyl network map not loading

Of course you've seen this one before. Comparission of published methods for the Van Zyl Network

Richmond Skeleton Network

Richmond network map not loading

Of Course you've seen this one before. It is available from: Exeter university . Comparission of published methods for the Richmond skeleton network

Upload your own work

You've done work on one of the networks above nad want to share you're results. Share results for own of the networks listed above

This site doesn't have the network you work with? Share your .inp file with us and we'll upload it for everyone to work with. Please ensure you have the permissions to do so before sharing them with us. Share a network with us!